For the launch of the new Landau Forward Collection, we’ve meticulously crafted a type of comfort our industry has never seen. It’s high performance, with four-way stretch and moisture wicking. It’s high image, inspired by modern design. All with low impact, thanks to sustainably sourced CiCLO technology.

The end result is comfort that’s more functional, flexible, durable, and sustainable than ever before. It’s comfort that can.


A collection of scrubs optimized for movement, featuring stretch fabrics and sport-inspired designed details. Offering a wider range of silhouettes than our Essentials range, these garments stand out and are always ready for action.


A dependable range of scrubs built to endure heavy use and frequent washing. Easy to care for and industrial laundry approved, these lightweight garments are designed to work hard in the most challenging professional environments.


A collection of classic scrubs that will never go out of style. Practical, durable, and with a timeless design that will work in any context, these garments are designed to deliver endless versatility, with sturdy construction and fade-resistant fabrics that help wearers look sharp and professional through even the longest of shifts.